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Integrated Careers-in-Curriculum Programme

"FutureFIT helps our future generations see where the subjects they study at school can lead. When children can see how their learning applies to their futures, it has a positive impact on their engagement and development, and development of “possible selves”

FutureFIT resources are designed to meet the challenges of delivering impactful and authentic future learning and career insights in the curriculum, while maintaining a focus on national curriculum content and learning outcomes. FutureFIT creates the connecting bridge between learning now and understanding future learning and career opportunities.

FutureFIT is part of a stable and embedded programme of school career education and guidance, and particularly supports delivery of the following Gatsby Benchmarks:

  • Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers

  • Benchmark 5 - Encounters with employers and employees

  • Benchmark 7 - Encounters with further and higher education

What is FutureFIT?

FutureFIT is a series of video resources that will help students to link the knowledge and skills they are learning in the classroom to future learning and employment opportunities. FutureFIT have engaged a fantastic range of contributors from industry and higher education to talk about their experience and careers, to inspire and empower our students on their career journey.

The Programme includes:

  • A range of promotional materials, such as posters, digital slide decks, social media branding

  • A series of 8 Introductory video resources, designed to provide key scaffolding information

  • A suite of over 200 Subject-level video resources, aligned to curriculum learning outcomes from Y7-11, across 10 Subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Computer Science, Art, Dance and Drama, Music, Geography and History)

  • An Evaluation programme to measure impact and gather feedback on the programme

Each resource is between 3-5 minutes long and explicitly identifies the Subject learning outcome it is aligned to. They therefore fit neatly into normal lesson plans and can be used to enhance learning points and provide an alternative, future-focused lens through which students can understand their learning and visualise “possible selves”.

Key Information & Benefits

  • FutureFIT is a series of learning resources, delivered through videography.

  • Resources are designed to introduce and develop learner understanding, motivation and reflection on future learning, employment and career opportunities, in the context of school learning.

  • Resources are delivered by teachers as a normal part of the school curriculum. FutureFIT activities provide a relevant employment related ‘lens’ through which school curriculum learning outcomes are achieved, supported and enhanced.

  • As FutureFIT is fully embedded in curriculum, resources are directly relevant to student’s daily learning experiences. This ‘normalises’ thinking about future learning and employment, supporting a culture of high expectations and building social capital via the professional role model presenters.

  • Alignment between future learning and employment options and curriculum learning outcomes helps students to understand and situate the value and importance of curriculum learning in relation to their future personal and professional selves. This will support engagement with learning.

  • Learners consider and reflect on the types of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values (social and cultural capital) that future education and work environments will require. Students apply these to their personal contexts and school learning, to help them to make informed, positive choices about their development needs and their engagement in future education and employment.

  • FutureFIT enables teachers to bring future learning and career insights meaningfully and with relevance into their lessons. This is achieved without sacrificing time the academic curriculum learning outcomes. Instead, teachers will use FutureFIT to enhance, inspire, demonstrate, bring to life, or offer an alternative lens through which to achieve Subject Learning Outcomes.

  • Students will be inspired by the FutureFIT presenters, and will increase their understanding of, and reflection and inquiry into, their future pathways.